Tree Hotels

When we are children we have the most extraordinary ideas about where do we want to live, or which would be our secret place. Maybe one of the ideas you had those days was living in a tree house, watching everything from above, and not having to go down ever!

Maybe you’re planning to go on vacation and you have not yet decided where to go or what to do, then I have a wonderful news for you: you can book a room in a tree house hotel!! They are perfect for people who love nature, who love being woken up by birds -in this case, birds would be your neighbors!- and for those who want to feel free and don’t have any prejudices.

When you think about a tree house what comes to mind is huge trees, strong enough to bear a house, if that has to be your room, it has to give you confidence enough, hasn’t it? One of those nature surrounded places is India, where tree houses are waiting for explorers who want, no just sleeping on a tree but enjoying the wilderness and watching animal species close up. I’m talking about the Safari-Land Farm in the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary. Wellcome to the (mild) jungle!

But you can find those tree hotels not only in exotic places or countries you haven’t heard of, but also in Europe. Not the jungle, but wild and crazy -in the good way- enough! Those other cabins are on Sant Hilary del Sacalm trees, a village in Catalonia who is surrounded by nature, incredible forests and crystal clear sources of water. You can book either of its 10 cabins, all of them arranged specially for you. These are perfect for couples who are seeking for a perfect lonely and hidden place to spend some time together.

C’mon, don’t tell me you have lost your sense of adventure! Come up and see the world from above!