Soccer inspired hotel

It’s very possible you are a Maradona and Boca Juniors fan, if that’s tue you surely love soccer, and maybe because of that one of your desired hotels would be one where comfort and soccer were perfectly combined. Is that so? We have some news for you, that hotel exits, and it’s called Boca Hotel, it couldn’t be other way!

Suites and the whole premises -it has 17 levels and 85 rooms – are modern and contemporary, it has an elegant design, and everywhere you look, there’s always something that distinguish it from the rest: Boca Juniors spirit, passion and all time idols of the team. Royal blue and dandelion yellow are all over the hotel, but these colors are so cleverly disposed around walls, carpets, and furniture that you couldn’t say it’s tacky, people who feels these team colors in their blood will be proud of how they are perfectly blended in this place, and guests who are not soccer lovers, will find it tasteful.


Fans will be delighted of being here, since there are pictures and paintings of iconic players on walls and on the door of each room. Pictures from the times when they were at the top of his carrers, and playing for the team which more enthusiasm generates on people.

Even if you’re not able of having tickets for a soccer match, if you don’t go to the field, it doesn’t matter here, because the moment you set one foot in this Boca Juniors Hotel is like if you were playing your personal match with unforgettable players.

This is a unique hotel in the world, if you go to Buenos Aires, maybe you can go and take a peek at it.