Rooms in Tubes

I want to show you an amazing hotel that has created a kind of trend in the world of lodgings and accommodations: the Das Park Hotel, individual rooms made of drain pipes!


It seems incredible, but it’s true, the idea came out of Andreas Strauss, an artist who likes to play with materials and their uses. He thought it would be great to create a place where people with a tight budget and not wanting to stay in a hostel could spend a wonderful night. The result of that idea has now two locations: Essen (Germany) and Ottensheim (Austria).

First of all you should know this unique hotel is open from May to October, so if you are intrigued and want to book, your trip must be planned for those months. It has another great feature with which you may be pleased: it searches sustainability and it’s an eco-friendly accomodation.

Simple on the outside, complete inside, since it has a double bed, storage spaces, bed clothes, you can plug and charge your cell phone.


It also has the spirit of community, where everything can be shared, and where having a cup of coffee means going out, meeting people and share impressions because hotel amenities such as minibar can be found in the surroundings, and they are public spaces (showers and toilets are also shared).

But the best part of Das Park Hotel is related to the price you pay to stay overnight. It follows the policy of “pay as you wish”, meaning that you pay one euro,that’s the minimum. Besides that you pay what you can afford! Isn’t that great? If you’re short of money and in need of saving, this is the place.

As I told you at the beginning, this hotel has at least one follower: Tubohotel. We have to travel to Tepoztlán (Mexico) to see this second drain pipe incredible hotel. The main difference between Europeans and the Mexican one is how Americans put these concrete tubes: many of them are placed as if they were pyramids (remember that this country has a millenary culture where that kind of constructions are landmarks).


Either Das Park Hotel, the original one, or Tubohotel both share two main characteristics you can’t miss, they’re round and perfect!