Room in a capsule

You know how busy Japanese people are, and how they run from one place to another. Many of them live away from their workplace, and many days they don’t have time to go home and come back the next day, but they needed a cheap place to sleep. How did hotels solve this problem? Bingo! They invented the capsule hotels!

If you want to feel how this must be like -you don’t have to suffer from claustrophobia, that’s a must- you can try one of them. This kind of hotels are not meant so much for the country visitors as for Japanese people, who are its main clients, but it would be an interesting experience sleeping there for a night, in fact, there are only TWO things you can do in your “room”, sleep or watch TV. We are in Japan, technology has to be somewhere, of course these capsules have a TV set, built in the wall!

As time has gone by these hotels have become more “friendly”, and many of them don’t look like boxes any more, the esthetic of these accommodations is more elegant and many aspects have been improved to make people more comfortable and the place the coziest as possible. They are becoming as elegant and warm as they can.

This kind of hotels can only exist in Japan, the way they understand life and work has influenced many aspects of their lives, and these lodgings are an example. If you’re looking for, or what you want are big spaces, this is surely not your place, but if you’re very curious and not afraid of having the “ceiling” a few inches from your face -maybe you slept your whole childhood in a bunk bed!-, it will be an interesting experience you can tell your friends!