Road trip to Arizona!

There is something intimately connected with the United States and one of those is Highway 80, going from Savannah (Georgia) to San Diego (California); we could say this road is Route 66 “sister”, another major travel way but less internationally known although many people from the USA took it to go on vacation or to explore the country.

Well, our special dwelling place is placed near that route, in Bisbee, Arizona. We are going to discover (in case you haven’t done it yet) the Shady Dell lodging: nine shiny vintage and fully restored trailers from the 40’s and 50’s where time has stopped on purpose to give guests the charm of that mid-century years, where aesthetics where remain in our subconscious and we feel always inevitably attracted.


Homes on wheels! That’s awesome, and living there for the days you want include an open area beside your trailer where you can chat and be relaxed night or day. Each one of these peculiar houses is different from the others and one is a yacht! Have fun and feel unique in one of these Americana experience, pieces of history which include: El Rey (1954), Airsream (1947), Spartanette (1950), Mansion (1951), Manor (1950), Royal Mansion (1951), Airfloat (1957), Tiki Bus (1947), Boles Aero (1959) and Chris Craft Yacht (1947). All have that kitsch look I talked about before and they keep already collectable and valuable TV sets or antique magazines, books or phonographs, and they are as comfortable as they can be.


Are you going to resist the chance of living here? Why not living in these petit palaces of the American way of life? Experience both the location -near Chiricaua National Forest or the Ramsey Canyon Nature Conservancy- and the lodging, you’ll have some many things to tell your friends!