Prison Days

Maybe one of the most extreme experiences you can have going on holidays is staying in prison. You can go somewhere you like, and then, because you are not aware of some rules or strange laws, you find yourself inside bars!

But we’ve found another way of being in prison, a very safe and comfortable one: staying at the German Alcatraz Hotel.



It’s amazing! This is a building that once was a real penitentiary, in Kaiserslautern (a city in the southwest of the country), has been remodelled and refurbished to host its clients. But it keeps the cells and bars! The rooms having that jail spirit have the necessary, just a bed (not a king size or queen size bed), a table, one chair, and always black and white striped curtains.

You can see you’re in prison from the very beginning, the wall surrounding the main building states the past 100 years ago this was a the place for a prison, but as the city grew, they could see these premises as a problem.

Is cell rooms are not your desired place to rest, but you don’t want to miss the chance of sleeping at least one night in Alcatraz, there is another and more luxurious rooms with bigger beds and more space. Suites are your place, but they always remind you’re in prison because windows always have the curtains I mentioned before!

Prisoners have moments where they can free their minds, and so you can visit the Japanese Garden near the hotel-prison, you can have both confined spaces and open beautiful nature one neighboring the other.

A new experience free of problems with the law, are you prepared? If your answer is “yes” then… inmates, go to your cells! (Please).