Personal shoppers in hotels

When you think about all the things hotels can offer and how many choices you have in them maybe you’ve never thought about this: you can hire a personal shopper while you’re staying in. You can find this kind of service in very exclusive accommodations, and they are not included in the price when you book a room, but those new professionals are available now for you. If you are too busy to go shopping because your visit to one particular city is due to work, but you need to buy clothes or accessories, or if you want to spend your time in the open air, not inside boutiques, but still wanting to catch the flair of the city, hotel personal shoppers are there for you. They are also the best partner when shopping, since they know exactly which store is the right one for you or your style. This make your task easy, you just have to try clothes on to find out which fits you (either you go with them or not).

There are some hotels with this service you can find in different cities, countries and even continents. Let’s start with Pan Pacific Singapore, located in Singapore, where luxury can be found turning the corner; in this particular hotel personal shoppers count with the advice HannaLB, the world famous fasion guru. If we fly from Asia to Europe then we can book a room in Rocco Forte Hotel De Rome (Berlin), Neri Hotel (Barcelona), Park Hyatta Paris Vendôme (Paris) or Althoff St. James Hotel (London). All of them have history within their walls and all offer modernservices like this we’re talking about.


If you’re not familiar with what’s on and what should you be throwing out the window, maybe you could take profit of your trip and have your shopping expert friend.