Great Britain’s most popular cities

Great Britain is one of the most visited and most popular European countries. This is, for the most part, due to its beautiful and impressing multicultural capital London, but there are definitely some more British cities that are more than just worth a visit. Here, you will find a small collection of outstanding British cities.

  • London will probably always lead the list of Great Britain’s most popular cities, as it is center of art, culture, music and theatre with some great museums, music halls, theaters and much more. Some of the country’s most important POIs can be found here, like for example the Westminster Abbey, the Big Ben, the Westminster Palace and the London Tower Bridge, naming just a few. A trip to London could easily fill a whole holiday’s week or more, as this impressive city also offers to its visitors some of the best shops, restaurants and bars that can be found in Great Britain, as well as multicultural vibrant street markets. Also, there is a great nightlife going on here. And if you’re more in search of a little rest, you should head to one of London’s beautiful wide green open spaces.


  • Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital, is a perfect mix of a young, pulsating community with a beautiful historic setting. The city’s most important and most popular building is the Edinburgh Castle, which is more than 1,000 years old and which is definitely a Must-See on a trip here. Another attraction are the numerous festivals that take place here, as for example the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, the Edinburgh International Festival and, of course, the Hogmanay, which is one of the biggest New Year’s celebrations in the world.


  • Manchester is a very modern city that holds some of the architecturally most exciting buildings of whole Britain like the Bridgewater Hall, the Urbis exhibition center and the Imperial War Museum. Also, the city offers endless shopping facilities and numerous outdoor activities due to its proximity to England’s Lake District. And all this is only topped off with one of the most exciting nightlife scenes one can imagine.


  • Liverpool is a beautiful city whose port has played an important role in Britain’s maritime history, especially referring to slave trade. This can be explored in the city’s International Slavery Museum. But Liverpool is especially popular for being the cradle of the world-famous Beatles, as well as of other well-known musicians and instrumentalists. Additionally, in Liverpool one can find all kinds of shops, restaurants and clubs and a stroll over the Albert Docks should definitely be part of one’s agenda travelling to Great Britain. Further information on this interesting British city can be found here.