Enjoy the Italian way of life in the Tuscany

The Tuscany has always been one of the most influential regions in Italy if not to say in Europe. This region in central Italy reached its zenith in medieval times and was back then the cultural center of Europe. So if you plan to visit this part of Southern Europe, make sure to take Tuscany holidays into consideration! You could start your vacation in Florence, the old capital of the Medici family. There you can visit the world famous Uffizi gallery, walk over the Ponte Vecchio or gaze in amazement at the imposing duomo.


Make sure to plan enough time for this beautiful city. You will enjoy the liveliness of the inhabitants and the true Italian dolce vita. You could spend another day in Siena, the small town which is host to the annual Palio horse race. You can visit the racing ground which is right in the city center and the beautiful old cathedral with its colorful fresci. If there is still time left make sure to visit the village of San Gimignano which lies nearby. It is known for its seven towers within the town borders and reached regional importance back in medieval times.

No matter where you go or where you stay you should enjoy a typical Italian dinner at least once. You will learn that there is much more than just pizza or pasta. In Castelfalfi with its luxury holiday accommodations you can enjoy typical Tuscan cuisine on a terrace with a beautiful view on the surrounding hills. This way your holiday will surely become a true and unforgettable experience for all senses.